Criminology, gastronomy, graphic arts or aesthetics, the Bluespray is used in many activities. This microdiffuser with pressure reserve sprays fluids with perfect precision.


Thanks to its fine misting, Bluespray® allows to reveal biological traces on smooth surfaces.

Bluespray® is used in the criminology sector to reveal biological traces without damaging them.

Bluestar® Forensic uses Bluespray® as a complement to one of its flagship products: Bluestar® Magnum.


Decorate, perfume, create. The applications of Bluespray® in gastronomy are multiple. Chefs, pastry chefs, you will be able to create spectacular works of art, for a very affordable cost.

Do not hesitate to share your most beautiful creations with us, we will be happy to share the results of your work.

Graphic Arts

Creating spray paints is a great way to express your creativity, but it’s also a fantastic way to decorate a room, a painting or an object. Whether you’re doing it for fun, or professionally, try the fine spray of Bluespray®.

You’ll be able to create spectacular works of art, at a very affordable cost. We love to see the art of Bluespray® painting, so please share your creations with us


The Bluespray® diffuser allows you to spray liquids in the form of a light mist. Bluespray® is a unique diffusion system that allows you to spray a self-tanner with exceptional regularity and finesse in order to obtain a natural, uniform and streak-free tan.

Odorless and non-toxic, the Bluespray® is practical and small. You can easily carry it in your luggage, for travel, or for home use.